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At this stage the best way to support NAUWU and the campaigns we undertake is to....

  • place our banner on your site
  • tell your friends about us
  • participate in the NAUWU campaigns, meetings and protests


If you'd like to place our banner on your site to help us get information and support out there to everyone in the NSW sex industry, you can do this by copying and pasting one of our banners below onto your links page. Once you've done this, please send an email to and attach a copy of your banner so we can place yours on our site.


Please link banner to




Scarlet Alliance - Australian Sex Workers Association


Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) Canberra


Sex Workers Outreach Project (USNQ) Northern Territory


Crimson Coalition South East Queensland


South Australian Industry Network (SIN)


Resourcing Health and Education (Rhed) Melbourne 





Australian Babe





Australian Escort Info










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