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Better Practice Principles

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Sex Services Premises

Planning Guidelines December 2004




As stated in the Guidelines, the purpose of the Guidelines is " to assist local government in decisions they make in regard to sex services premises in their areas and to outline what constitutes better practice. Better practice in this context means achieving occupational health and safety objectives and minimising the potential for corruption and the impact of premises upon neighbourhood amenity and environment."


The Guidelines are broken into 7 parts including:

1. Introduction

2. The Sex Industry in NSW

3. Legislative Framework

4. Analysis of Current Practice

5. Better Practice Planning Options

6. Achieving Better Practice

7. Conclusion


The Conclusions of the Guidelines state...

With council’s powers comes a range of responsibilities towards the sex industry including:

  • fair and non-discriminatory treatment of all sectors and scales of the sex industry in planning policies governing location, operation, design and ongoing monitoring
  • engagement of the sex industry in consultative programs and processes including in the preparation of new policies affecting the industry
  • acknowledging the importance of health and safety programs for sex workers and the direct implications of planning and enforcement approaches upon these programs, upon sex workers and their clients
  • acknowledging the human rights and equity issues underpinning the fair treatment of sex workers and defending those rights, as councils would for other community groups, in council forums, the media and other avenues where these groups may be victimised
  • acknowledging the need to develop skills in understanding the nature and operation of the sex industry
  • educating concil staff and councillors to understand the sex industry and to understand the role of local government in regulating it
  • acknowledging sex workers as comprising part of the community who are entitled to receive reliable, accurate and helpful information from their local governing body and to be fairly heard in planning meetings, and
  • establishing and open, transparent and consistent planning and enforcement process


NAUWU advocates and works towards making these Guidelines a daily reality for the sex industry.

Please see this link for a complete copy of the Sex Services Premises Planning Guidelines 2004
















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