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Welcome to Nothing About Us Without Us!




This campaign website has been initiated by a dedicated group of New South Wales (NSW) sex workers in October 2009


Our campaign is designed to address emerging issues related to the NSW sex industry, especially the lack of consultation by all levels of governments, with sex workers and peer sex worker organisations


Sex workers must be consulted and be included at EVERY meeting, panel, taskforce or roundtable that is formed to discuss the sex industry. No implementation of policy, procedure, legal reform or directives should occur without detailed and in depth consultation with sex workers at all stages.


Things are changing without sex workers being involved

Things are changing without sex workers knowing what's happening

Sex Workers are the experts on Sex Work so must be consulted

Sex Workers must not be left in the dark...






NOTE: The term Nothing About Us, Without Us has been utilised around the world in numerous forums, community groups, campaigns, organisations and movements. This includes sectors such as: the disability rights movement (1, 2, 3), youth-led health promotion intiatives (4), mental health (5), drug users (6, 7), sex workers (8, 9, 10), The Institute for Inclusive Security (which includes The Women Waging Peace Network) (11), and even Anglicare Tasmania (12).


The rationale for using this common mantra is the need for INCLUSIVENESS.


As the definition held within Wikipedia states "Nothing About Us Without Us! is...... used to communicate the idea that no policy should be decided by any essay writers representative without the full and direct participation of members the group(s) affected by that policy. This involves ethic, ability-based or other groups that are often thought to be marginalised from political, social and economic opportunities" (13)
























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